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“since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” ~Ro 1:19-20

God is often perceived as mysterious, unfathomable and unreachable. In the common folklore about God, it is said that God is found in the deepest of valleys, or the ends of the earth, and the journey to finally meet God calls for tremendous hardship and perilous encounters. Although all these are make-believe stories, they reflect our inner impressions of God — that God cannot be found easily or probably there is no God to begin with. After all, no one has ever seen God to this present day.

The God described in the bible is however contrary to what we commonly believe. The Sovereign God who created the universe, did not hide Himself from mankind intentionally, instead, He has made all efforts to reveal Himself in all ways and means, so that we can know Him. Since the beginning of time, God has shown His presence to us daily, but due to our ignorance, though we have seen Him every day, we remain unaware of His existence.

With a fairly well-known story, how God made known Himself to mankind can be clearly understood. Sir Isaac Newton was an accomplished and famous scientist, he was renowned for his discovery of the law of universal gravity. He was also known to be a devout Christian and often found himself the centre of ridicule among his atheist friends who were also fellow scientists. They were constantly amused at how such an outstanding scientist such as Isaac Newtown could be so superstitious as to believe in the existence of God. With this exchange between Isaac Newton and his atheist friend, a scientific and logical conclusion was used to convince his friend of the existence of God.

One day, Newton invited his atheist friend to his home, but prior to that, he had an intricately crafted model of the Solar System placed in the hallway. When his friend came, the beauty of the model caught his eye immediately and while beholding the model, he commented, “My friend, what a splendid model you have here. Who made it?” Showing little interest in the question, Newton replied, “Nobody. It just appeared by itself on the table this morning.” Slightly offended, his friend retorted, “Newton, do I look in any way a fool? Though I have not seen the manner in which this model being made, I know that a work of such complexity must have come from the brightest designer and made from the hands of the most competent craftsman. As a fellow scientist I could never believe that it appeared out of nowhere without any human intervention!” Newton, making the best of the situation, immediately replied, “Well said my friend, a brilliant scientist as yourself could never come to believe that this model was made without human hands. Now behold the heavens and the whole universe, isn’t the original a hundred or even a thousand times more sophisticated than this model? How then could you ever come to conclusion the non-existence of a creator?”