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The doctrine of ‘predestination’ has been one of contentions for the last several centuries. God’s predestination is a doctrinal truth that can be found in the bible, but even to our present age, no accurate conclusion has been made concerning ‘predestination.’ Two of God’s servants: John Calvin and Jacob Arminius, have both offered their views on this issue. Calvin emphasised on God’s sovereignty while Arminius focused on man’s free will. Their views are largely opposing, and particular statements that they had made are even obviously incorrect. However, upon careful study, we will find that there are many lessons that we can learn from both of their teachings, which will aid us in the understanding of this doctrine. We neither advocate the teachings of Calvin nor Arminius but to simply uphold the name of our Lord Jesus Christ – for only He is truly worthy of all honour and praise. Whether Calvin or Arminius, they are both servants of the Lord who labour in bringing His followers to draw upon His spiritual richness. Therefore within this discussion, the emphasis would be placed upon what the Bible – the word of God – has to say, and not to dwell on who is right or wrong.

Through this series of articles, we shall take a comprehensive approach to explore the teachings around this topic from the bible. In this study, we hope to expound on the doctrine of predestination, making it clear and easy to understand for all; and in turn, clear all doubts and misunderstandings about God. Thus allowing us to come to understand how wide and long and high and deep is the love of God towards sinners! And to be fully convinced that His sovereign will is completely trustworthy.

Firstly, before we can begin to understand ‘predestination,’ we need to acknowledge that the bible is the highest and final authority of all truths. No matter how profound a human concept, if it is found to contradict with the truths in the bible, we have to cast it out as rubbish. We should never under any circumstances alter the truths in the bible to cater to the philosophies of man. If we have yet to come to accept this most fundamental understanding, we will never be able to understand the truths behind predestination.