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A variant of Calvinism – Hyper-Calvinism – does not believe in the preaching of the gospel, because doing so goes against their teaching. They based their teaching on the ‘Five points of Calvinism,’ notably the second point ‘Unconditional Election’ and the fourth point ‘Irresistible Grace.’ They believe that only a selected number of people have been elected by God to be saved; and those who had been elected will come to faith in the Lord because the grace of God bestowed upon them cannot be resisted or refused. They even believe that whoever shares the gospel, attempts to thwart God’s plan, because they could be preaching to someone who had not been elected by God – what if that person comes to faith? Since an elected person will surely come to faith in time, the work of sharing the gospel has then become redundant.

We need to know that ‘Unconditional Election’ and ‘Irresistible Grace’ are terms not found in the bible. They are doctrines derived by Calvin from studying the bible, not clear and specific teachings in the bible. However, sharing the gospel is a truth that had been written clearly in black and white, not only in a few passages but found all over the New Testament. The Lord Himself had specifically instructed His disciples with the Great Commission: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.” Furthermore in the book of Acts, it records in details of how the disciples went to all parts of the world preaching the salvation of Christ. Under such circumstances, how can we adopt a teaching that is an extension of the bible, but choose to go against the clear and specific teachings of the bible, so much so to even disobey the command of the Lord? We have in fact elevated the wisdoms of man above the teachings of God, and have honoured man more than God.

This is really an irony, Calvin’s views towards predestination was supposed to help believers better understand the bible, and to follow the will of God. Why have it turned out that today people have used it to rebel against the truths of God? If by strictly adhering to the ‘Five Points of Calvinism’ causes these people to turn against the clear teachings in the bible, should we not raise a question of doubt upon these teachings?