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The bible holds many deep and unfathomable truths, of which the most mysterious is “Predestination”. In spite of the intelligence and advance analytical skills of men, “Predestination” today (Calvinism) still contains many concepts that go beyond common logical understanding. Particularly pertaining to the principles by which God elects a person, leaves a huge question mark. The perplexities behind this doctrine has far exceeded the boundary of human intellect, passing even into the realm of the divine; and only the wisdom of God, could create such a mysterious teaching leaving all who enter into it completely baffled. “Predestination” has come to be considered as the most profound of all doctrines and held in high esteem among the saints – becoming the object of pursue by intellectual Christians. Fanatic followers even attempt to expound all scriptures in the light of “Predestination”, as though the whole bible only teaches “Predestination,” undermining all other doctrines and teachings in the bible. Even for non-avid followers of the doctrine, they also pride themselves in making mention of “Predestination.” What then is the correct attitude one should hold towards this doctrine? Should every bible truth be pursued at all cost, liken to the doctrine of “Predestination”? Can “Predestination” be truly crowned as the most exalted of all bible truths? Does the mastery of it equate to having achieved spiritual supremacy? The bible is not silent on this matter and has clearly spelled out the principles and teachings that we should apply when dealing with such doctrine.

Exodus 33:1 tells us: “The LORD would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with his friend.” Among the millions of Israelites, only Moses was appointed the one to speak face-to-face with God, as one would speak to a close friend. The intimacy Moses shared with God gave a very good indicator of Moses’ spiritual standing. He has personally witnessed innumerable miracles of God, of which, he saw how God had raised Pharaoh up to demonstrate His powers – Moses was someone who had firsthand experiences of “Predestination.” Of the many miracles and mysterious works performed by God, there were times when even Moses could not understand the wonders of God’s doings. Moses however adopted the right attitude towards the secret things of God, and for this reason God regarded him His close friend.

The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law. ~Dt 29:29

Moses was a person who knew his place before God. He knew of the things he ought to do and the things that he should not trespass into. He was a humble man, surpassing any man on earth (Nu12:3). He rendered all the hidden things to God, while he set his heart to obey and carry out all that God had entrusted him - words of the Law that were “clear” and “apparent.” Moses did not go beyond his bounds to attempt to unravel God’s mysteries, he was down-to-earth and did what was expected of him according to the Law. In contrast, the first woman, Eve, sought to become like God to be able to know good and evil, had instead brought sin into the world. Moses even till his death did not understand the hidden secrets of God, but it held no importance to him. Given his humility before God, he had already earned himself the privilege of becoming God’s closest friend – that alone is a dream comes true for every believer.