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Can the doctrine of ‘Predestination’ be even understood by the human mind? Did the Bible mention anything about what God’s predestination is all about? If the Bible contains all the answers to this, why do we not find a reasonable explanation even until today?

According to Calvinistic teaching, a widely accepted doctrine today, it says that God predestines based only on His sovereign will. This sovereign election depends solely upon God’s one-side decision and does not take into account man’s choice. It states that humankind is utterly depraved and totally incapable of choosing God therefore God had to elect some to be saved. One may ask what principles and conditions then does God use in His predestination? This is a question that holds no answers because nobody knows nor is it recorded in the Bible, only God Himself knows.

However, this is an extremely dangerous teaching, for it is equivalent to nullifying all of God’s effort in revealing Himself throughout the history of man. Since the creation of the world, God has made Himself known through the Law, the prophets, His servants, and finally His Son, Jesus Christ – to all men – that He is a Holy God. He promises all men that whosoever is willing to repent from his sins and receive Christ, he will be saved. God never changes therefore the way to salvation too never changes. This is a vital truth because it grants us complete assurance – knowing that by genuine repentance from our sins according to His will, we shall all be pardoned and saved. However, Calvinism’s doctrine of predestination has taken the way to salvation, which determines the life and death of mankind, and built it on ‘God’s sovereign election,’ something which no one can understand. By doing this, it has left mankind clueless about the manner in which we can seek God according to His will, because His will simply cannot be known. We can but merely ‘wait,’ hoping that we would be the ‘fortunate’ ones to be elected wherein we will then eventually come to faith in Him; otherwise, even if we were to obey all that God commands in the Bible, we would not be saved. The most bewildering of it all is that unless we are elected by God, even from hearing the gospel message, we will not develop a desire to believe in Him; or perhaps in our minds we are completely willing to believe in Him, but because we have not been given the ability by God to do so, we would finally still end up unable to believe in Him. Oh, how unfathomable is this mystery of ‘the sovereign election of God’ which no one can comprehend!