Moses became a spiritual giant not because he possessed extraordinary spiritual knowledge, rather, it was his great humility before God. Should a man set his heart to seek the Lord with a humble heart, it would far surpass having all of the most profound spiritual knowledge in the world!

Though Calvinism was meant to help believers better understand the doctrine of Predestination, regrettably, oblivious to everyone, they have already introduced “another gospel.” They have added to the gospel an invisible hand of God, saying: “A person who has not been elected by God cannot be saved, about His will concerning His election is a mystery that cannot be known.” This has caused those who share the gospel to be hesitant in bringing people to Christ and those who heard the gospel to doubt the genuineness of God’s love for mankind.

Can anyone understand the teachings found in the chapter of Romans 9? Have the mysteries hidden within it, exceeded the limits of human comprehension? Should the writer declare that the mysteries hidden in Romans Chapter 9 are not only simple foundational truths but also truths familiar to us – would this be too farfetched?